Our Support for Michael Garron Hospital Continues

My wife, Marissa and I, have always been passionate about supporting healthcare initiatives that make communities better places to live — for all of us. 

We believe that societies must be healthy to truly offer safety and equality for all people, which is why we have doubled down on our support for the Michael Garron Hospital.

In March 2021, the Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation announced one of our largest gifts since inception to once again help expand and improve services at the hospital. 

Although proper health care and nutrition has always been important, there’s no doubt that the safety and protection of our frontline healthcare workers has never been more important than it is now. 

Even with the gradual rollout of vaccines, the global Covid-19 pandemic will continue to affect our lives. It’s those healthcare workers who will care for us if we end up in the hospital. The absolute least we can do is ensure that they have the support and the services they need to do their job. 

That’s why we announced another $1 million donation to the Michael Garron Hospital. It will be used as part of a $500-million capital redevelopment project that will bring crucial improvements to the hospital, including:

  • Replacing 215 existing hospital beds
  • Introducing a new chronic diseases unit
  • New mental health facilities including a 44-bed inpatient unit

The gift will also support the creation of a grassroots initiatives fund that will be focused on expanding the hospital’s community program, allowing for more inclusive and accessible healthcare. 

The donation will be commemorated in the hospital’s new Moez and Marissa Food Court, a state-of-the-art improvement of the hospital’s food options created through a previous gift from the foundation. The new food court ensures healthy and satisfying nourishment for the patients and medical workers that deserve a decent meal between the extremely difficult — and important — work they do to keep us all safe. 

Marissa and I have always been supporters of quality healthcare for everyone, especially traditionally underserved populations among vulnerable minority groups. 

My parents were first-generation immigrants, so I learned firsthand the challenges that come with trying to establish yourself in a strange and distant land. 

This gift will allow for support to be provided to some of the most vulnerable communities. At the foundation, we hope that this action will pay great dividends in the future for all residents of the community. 

We want to shine a light on the people in our community who need help. My wife and I hope that this announcement will inspire others to contribute in any way they can. And donations aren’t the only way to help. There are many volunteer opportunities available, and help in different ways is always welcome. 

Many thanks to Mitze Mourinho, the President of the Hospital Foundation, for his following comment on the foundation’s donation. 

“Moez and Marissa have tremendous compassion and we are deeply grateful for their commitment to expert and quality healthcare in East Toronto,” Mourinho said. “We are thrilled that they’ve chosen to invest so generously in a brighter and healthier future for this community.”