Highlights of Charitable Work by the Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation

I wrote in my last blog about the important work at the Michael Garron Hospital, and the ways that my wife Marissa and I hope to improve its services for all. 

But the Michael Garron Hospital is only one example of the philanthropic work supported by the Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation, and today I would like to share a list of organizations we choose to support within our community. 

We have several focus areas at the foundation, and these organizations are focused on either improving the availability of food and shelter, or expanding healthcare services and research. 

I think these organizations truly make a difference, and I hope that this list may inspire others to donate as well. The best way to make our society a better place to live in is to start with our own community.

Here are some examples of stellar organizations supported by the foundation. 

Community Food Centres

Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) is a Canadian organization focused on bringing health, a sense of belonging, and social justice to low-income communities across Canada.

Marissa and I both understand the importance of a healthy meal. It has the power to build health and inspire people to engage in the issues that matter to them. In 2020, CFCC served a total of 183,153 delicious meals across Canada. CFCC works with local volunteers within their communities and helps them form a deep connection to those around them. At the foundation, we hope our support will help take these initiatives to the next level. 


Summerlunch+ , a nutritional educational program founded by Susan Wright, aims to provide healthy meals to students during summer vacation while also teaching cooking skills that will last a lifetime. 

Summerlunch+ has delivered over 100,000 meals to children attending summer camps in the city of Toronto since the organization started in 2016.


Founded by a small group of philanthropists whose goal was to foster a healthy planet and a just Canadian society, MakeWay has a regional presence in Manitoba, Northern Canada, Western Canada and Ontario, with over 60 community-led projects in-house and 150 donor-advised funds.

Fred Victor Center 

At the Fred Victor Center, organizers want to foster long-lasting and positive change for the homeless and low-income populations living across Ontario.  

The organization provides services including: Affordable Housing, Transitional Housing, Shelter, Food Access Services, Job Training and other specialized support programs.

Homes First 

Homes First is an organization supported by the Foundation that provides supportive housing and shelter to all populations and has done so for over 35 years. The organization operates over 15 shelters that cater to displaced and marginalized communities that do not have a permanent and safe place for shelter

North York Harvest Food Bank

The North York Harvest Food Bank functions as the primary food bank for northern Toronto, serving more than 16,000 people each month through 60 community programs. These programs include community food spaces, an agency network, research and advocacy, and training programs.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

At a local fundraiser for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, we decided that the Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation should match donations. 

The money will be used for a COVID-19 research response fund that aims to expand diagnostics, vaccines, and antivirals, and to make those resources as widely available as possible.

SickKids Foundation

The Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation is proud to be a SickKids Groundbreaker, in support of the SickKids VS Limits Campaign. 

The campaign, launched in 2017, supports three key elements of the SickKids Foundation: 

It re-imagines a new patient care center on University Avenue, supports groundbreaking pediatric research, and aims to establish partnerships for better and more coordinated  patient care.

Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research

The Foundation made a financial contribution to the Canadian Foundation for AIDs Research. In line with Moez and Marissa’s advocacy for vulnerable populations, the organization aims to end the HIV epidemic in Canada through 1) increased prevention 2) increased testing 3) improving health outcomes, and 4) eliminating the stigma associated with HIV 

Ronald McDonald House Charities

This is a well-known charity and international non-profit organization that’s focused on supporting children who get diagnosed with medical conditions and need treatment. Ronald McDonald makes sure that these children stay close to their families and receive the help they need.